Member of Research Team attended workshop
“Law for non-Lawyers" at CEE-IBA
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Mahin Aziz Khatri (far left in front row) participated in workshop “Law for non-Laywers” conducted at CEE-IBA on January 15-16, 2018. This workshop was lead by Mr. Mohammad Sohaib Saleem, Assistant Professor at IBA and co-founder of In workshop overview of Pakistani laws was provided in participatory environment which will be helpful to make ground for establishing understanding of legal structure in Pakistan.

Topics that were covered are listed as below:

  • Introduction to law (Definition, types of law)
  • Legislation process in Pakistan
  • Contracts (Essentials of valid contract, types of contracts)
  • Criminal Law (Discussed selected sections from CrPC)
  • Cyber Crimes (in light of “Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2015)
  • Labor Laws (Listed down various related statutes)
  • Tort Law (Laws related to Negligence & Defamation)
  • Property laws (Structure of land administration)
  • Intellectual property (Copyright, Trademark and Patent)



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