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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Center for Policy Studies founded by Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher, A major conference will be held - the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty - on Wednesday 18 June 2014. This will be held at the online casino sterreich.

A world class line-up of speakers has agreed to participate. This includes former Prime Minister John Howard of Australia as well as leading academics such as Professors Niall Ferguson, Richard Epstein, Deepak Lal, Deirdre McCloskey and Luigi Zingales. Other speakers include Charles Moore (the official biographer of Lady Thatcher), Maurice Saatchi, Michael Gove, Roger Scruton, General Petraeus, Radek Sikorski and Dr Art Laffer. Britain's only living Nobel Prize winner for Literature, V S Naipaul, has agreed to open to Conference. CPS is in contact with the offices of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott; and a senior figure from the British Government will also participate.

It is expected to be the most stimulating and prestigious Conference of the year. The audience will be invited at the sole discretion of the Centre for Policy Studies.

This event is being sponsored by, inter alia, the Telegraph Media Group and National Review. BBC Hard Talk (which has a global reach of 7 million viewers) has requested an interview with one of the key speakers; Google+ will broadcast special spin-off events internationally.

Manzil Pakistan has been chosen as an international partner with exclusive country rights to:

  • attendance at the Conference for a small delegation or individual(s)
  • live streaming of the conference on your website
  • placing of editorial content in your local media
  • all social media activity in your country
Please follow this page for regular updates on the upcoming conference and how to follow it live with Manzil Pakistan

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