LATEST NEWS "Member of Research Team attended workshop “Law for non-Lawyers" at CEE-IBA from January 15-16, 2018.  |  Manzil Pakistan participates in session on “Enforcing Contracts” with regards to World Bank’s annual report on Ease of Doing Business held on January 17, 2018 at Marriot Hotel, Karachi.


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December 2015
Report: Education Situation analysis - District Thatta (Sindh) Read More

December 2015
Report: State of Education in Sindh - A Budgetary Analysis Read More

December 2015
Report: CPEC (Western Route) Baseline Study of Socioeconomic Situation of Zone of Influence Read More

27 January 2015
Report: Access to Education in Sindh - District Profiles and Rankings: Read More

08 December 2014
Manzil Board Member Najmuddin A. Shaikh on Af-Pak Relations: Read More

October 2014
Vitalizing the Government Debt management function in Pakistan By Manzil Pakistan's Chairman of the Board: Salim Raza Read More

September 2014
Manzil Pakistan Published in The Lahore Journal of Economics Read More

05 October 2014
Where victims fear to tread by Faiza Saleem Read More

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From better health to increased wealth, education is the catalyst of a better future for millions of children, youth and adults. No country has ever climbed the socioeconomic development ladder without steady investments in education.

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO



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